essence balm

ESSENCE BALM it is a product of natural origin, with a family formula passed down through generations, initially orally and later through manuscripts. It comes from the town of Castuera, in Extremadura. Obtained by an Extremaduran shepherd, make more than two centuries and improved after generations of use. Manufactured by hand, with virgin olive oil and a large number of pure oils from plants, with all the quality guarantees.

Ideal balm for skin care, softens and has regenerative properties for the most damaged and dry skin, can be used in cuticles, nail, cracked heels and elbows, knees and hands.

Very suitable for mountain, beach and home, and for the road to Santiago that after a day of hard work for the feet, will perfectly recover those chafing and cracks and with just a single application, after proper cleaning of the feet, the next day notyou will improve.

For those annoyances that we have after having been in the sun, a small application will suffice, taking care that huntil six hours later he will not be able to give us the sun.

For insect bites. When we get burned in our kitchen chores. Cuts that do not need stitches, with two or three applications, we will achieve a quick recovery from the wound.

Once known the Balsam of Essences, it is essential in our homes with countless uses.

essences balm


Also known as lavender angustifolia. The spiciform inflorescences are collected at the beginning of flowering.

Some of its utilities are:

– The best known is in the perfume industry. – How disinfectant ecological and healing; wounds, Burns, eczema, scales, Sun burns, soothing lotion for hands and insect bites.

It is also used as an ointment to relieve sprains. It is calming for insomnia, irritability, Headaches, stress.

– Anti infectious in cases of cold, sinusitis and sore throat. – Antiparasitic for lice treatments.

Pain reliever and relaxing in cases of contractions and rheumatism. infusions is well known for fight fever, and also for him insomnia.


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