We wanted to leave a legacy for humanity by recovering all the knowledge and natural remedies of our grandparents, coming to rescue master formulas with more than two and a half centuries old.

After years of working with that knowledge of our grandparents transmitted from generation to generation, we have improved and updated all that ancestral knowledge, to current manufacturing techniques, respect for nature, environmentally friendly products, components of nature brought to our product range. All this work has become a lifestyle in our team of people and we can say that Unooom has created a line of products made with great care and dedication for what we like to do., Hence, we present a range of products with improved and updated formulas to what people ask us for the lifestyle we live in the 21st century, being able to satisfy all those needs that the times require.

Being a family business, allows us to quickly adapt to the needs of our customers, since they are the source of inspiration to improve day by day, and get to give them the best service in the market, This being one of our important points as a company and it stands out as a differentiating element.